F. A. Q. - How you search, find and add WhatsApp Groups on

On you search, find and add new WhatsApp Groups in a few steps.

1. How does it work?

Its very easy, you create a new WhatsApp group, and on the page where you can add members you have with the newest version of whatsapp the opportunity to share a group link.
The only thing you have to do is to copy this link and past it into the field on Groupfinder, next you must add a title and a description and than you can add the group to our database. Thats all.

2. How can I find groups?

On our Startpage you will always see the last added groups, but you have also the opportunity to search manually after groups. Just write your keyword(s) into the searchbar and click search and your new whatsapp groups will show up.

3. Is this all I have to know?

Yeah, absolutely, that is how works and that's how you will search and find your next WhatsApp groups.